Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Client Leonard

While giving Leonard his massage, with him face down and naked on my massage table, he lightly places a hand on my calf, almost as if to anchor himself. Most people frantically touch every inch of me, but Leonard seems content with just holding my calf, lightly, and if he's feeling extra frisky, he might slide his hand up to the area just a couple inches above my kneecap.

He tells me that even this simple gesture is something that his wife of 30 years forbids.

It's a story I hear all the time: a sexless marriage. But usually sexless just means not enough sex for the man, which always seems to be incongruent to the husband desires. Add a child or two under the age of six or a hysterectomy and sex wittles down to nothing. Leonard's case seems even more severe. What he describes is almost a repulsion, and yet he stays married. I never fully understand it and I secretly fear I could somehow find myself in such a relationship. How could someone stay married with someone who won't even let them touch the leg?

"Your breast, which are perfect, by the way, are the only breast I see," Leonard told me. Apparently, Mrs. Leonard goes into the walk-in closet to discreetly disrobe. I see why Leonard secretly thinks she is repulsed by him.

And yet, I find 60-something Leonard lovely. He's thoughtful, intelligent, and provides a great session with his conversation. He also has one of the most expressive reactions to coming. It's clients like him that make me feel like what I do has some value.