Monday, October 1, 2012

Skipping the 9th Step

It's been a while. Where did the summer go? I've been busy as hell scrambling to both make more money and find affordable after-school care. I used to love picking up my daughter at 3:30 when school let out, but now I need to earn more due to my mounting legal bills. My daughter's father, Jared, has decided to step back into her life. Apparently he's found Jesus or some shit after he leap-frogged his way through a 12-step program. I think he must have skipped step 9 because I don't recall getting a phone call asking forgiveness. Instead I was sent legal papers from his attorney in the beginning of August.

Legal stuff always scares me. I don't understand what's written and what to do. I called Legal Services, who informed me that they couldn't help. I hear that a lot. Particularly from my mother these days, who told me that she could no longer babysit for me.

"I'm done raising kids. No more babysitting for me."

I like the way she calls it babysitting when it's her own grand-daughter. The thing I loved about my mother's "babysitting" was that it was FREE and that she good about letting me drop off my on short notice, which is how most of my clients book. These are busy men and when they have an unaccountable hour, they often call me. I usually don't have time to find a babysitter if they want to see me within the next hour or two.

So, the combo of needing more money and my mother bailing on me has been stressful. You'd think I should be able to make enough at $140 per session, but it seems to be one thing after the other and the lawyer's retainer alone is $3000. That's quite a few handjobs. I need to get creative.