Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling the Burn

I’m think I’m getting burned out. I know I say I love erotic massage, but there are some days that I think I just can’t do it any longer. Like when I get a call from a less than desirable client.

Today was such a day and I am still staring at my phone trying to determine if I should return his call or permanently block his number. On Google Voice, blocking is easy and permanent with one click. The caller merely receives a message, “This number is no longer in service.” It’s the perfect solution for non-confrontational types such as myself. I feel badly when I hit the “block caller” tab, but often it’s a relief. For most people I block, it’s an easy decision: no shows (officially known in the hooker world as NC/NS—no call, no show), guys who can’t keep fingers out of my underpants, or other oddities. I also block people who sound drunk when they call or ask what size my breasts are over the phone.

And then there are the guys who I’m very hesitant to block. They show up, they are nice, but there is something that makes me cringe when they call. In today’s case, it was the guy who likes a finger shoved up his ass. Way up there. Even with a glove, this is a disconcerting maneuver, and also appetite-suppressing. From the minute he walks in the door until he comes, he wants his butt plugged, by my gloved finger, actually his preference is ungloved and the more fingers the better. As I’ve mentioned, his wife wants nothing to do with satisfying this quirk. Perhaps it makes her feel a little uneasy that her husband clearly wants a very large penis in his ass. I do feel for him though and have continued to see him.

On the plus side, Dale is a very pleasant, outgoing, and good-looking. But a couple things bother me: he’s a non-tipper and has made repeated offers to serve as a “married boyfriend.”

This might seem odd, but it feels disrespectful to me, on both accounts. Many erotic masseuses charge more for any butt play and I think most patrons are aware of this. Dale has mentioned other experiences so I know I’m not his first. He never brought up the insertion issue until I had already begun his massage and his wallet was in a heap of clothes on the floor. I obliged, thinking that he’d tip. Nothing. And if a guy doesn’t tip the first time, he’ll definitely never tip again.

And then the second time he booked, he made his “married-boyfriend” offer, which sounds like something a very stupid girl would do, giving up her pay for what? He made it seem as though it would be so fun. I wouldn’t have to worry about it “getting too serious.” My response was simply a smile, and yet he now brings it up at least once at every session: an offer to play with his ass for free. Now that I write this, I just made my decision. I’ll have to let a few clients go to keep my sanity, even if it is the week of Thanksgiving and I need to make up for lost work.