Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre-Holiday Special

Thanksgiving Break is almost here and Analise will be out of school for six solid days. I I’d love to take a vacation and actually go somewhere, but as I look at the balance in my checkbook, I realize it’s not in this year’s budget. I’m hoping to take her to San Diego by Spring Break. Despite the fact that I live in California, I haven’t seen much of it, and now it’s more important to me that at least Analise is more well-traveled than me.

As a source of motivation, I have a couple photos of places I’d like to take my daughter: of course San Diego is one and the other is the Dominican Republic. I keep them in my studio so that I can look at them while my mind is wandering while massaging my client. I look at them now, and feel my mood lift.

Even though I can’t afford to go to a tropical location, I’m looking forward to taking a break from work and spending time with Cole. And Analise is beyond excited about going to Cole’s parents’ house. And I will vow to take my mind off Jared and my legal problems.

Despite the fact that most people would rather die than do what I do, I still feel like I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m managed to stay current and even a little ahead of bills, which is a far cry from where my mom is. She’s always having her cable turned off or cell phone disconnected. She claims it’s “not fair” for one reason or another. Growing up, she found some sort of loophole where utilities couldn’t be turned off for non-payment if children were in the home. It seemed foolish to in she’d have to pay at some point, but in her mind it was the logical thing to do.

I try to work extra before the holidays to make up for the lost income. I generally offer specials to boost business. Sometimes a $20 discount helps, but often I find that offering fully nude for an additional $10 is what really pulls them in. I hate doing fully nude rubs. It’s where’s I have the majority of my problems and I only offer it as a last resort. I have a client who comes to see me occasionally, but as soon as I advertise the nude option, he books in an instant.
And so that's my plan for Monday and Tuesday of next week. I'll let you know how it goes.