Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are Sex Workers Consummate Opportunists?

Today I read that sex workers are consummate opportunists. I can't find the source. I was wandering aimlessly on the Internet looking for good sex worker blogs and found it, which by the way, where have all the hooker blogs gone? Even Otis Papers, which is told from the male perspective, is a mere shell with all posts deleted.

In any case, consummate opportunist, is an interesting description particularly because if you take consummate as a verb instead of the adjective it's meant to be here, then yes we are good at consummating and we get paid for it.

But seriously, consummate opportunist is a fancy word for a person who's a user. Users are the worst. It's the most selfish you can get. It almost implies being unaware of one's selfishness because others realize they are being used. Stripping for example could be considered a job that sharpens one's opportunist radar because each guy is a potential step closer to getting the rent paid. A good stripper, however, does not make a guy feel used after he's spent the night draining his pockets. How do I know? I've never heard a guy complain about feeling used at a strip club.

This blog, article or whatever it is...I'm gonna keep searching for it and if I do find it later, I'll kinda annoyed me because although sex work is what it is, that shouldn't necessarily me us girls are a bunch of users in our regular life. We are salespeople right? If a shoe salesperson tries to peddle a pair of boots on every person that walks into the store, does that make said sales dude an opportunist? Oh, I get it, what the author of that article is claiming is that we can't stop ourselves from selling once we've left our place of business, perhaps that's because our product, our ahem, tits and vaginas, are attached to our bodies, and really our commodity is relatively eternal.

I'll admit that this author made me think and fume just a bit, which is actually uncommon for me because I know what I am. I'm a former stripper, a sex worker, and now that I'll be sleeping with Jack for money, I guess I'm a whore. But, I am not, and I repeat, am not, a user. Cole might be letting me have dirt cheap rent and Jack might be paying me a ridiculous amount of money to be with him, and granted, neither of these men know about each other, but that doesn't mean I'm a consummate opportunist.