Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Four-Hand Erotic Massage with Aubree

I got a call today from and old massage parlor friend, Aubree.

“What’s up, Girlfriend?” she says in a high-pitched, giddy, you-are-my-best-friend voice.

It’s been years since I’ve even spoken to her and we had a little tiff over one of her clients starting to see me. By the time I left, we weren’t even speaking.

She pretends that there’s been no ill feelings between us.

Aubree and I worked at American Dolls about three years ago (and yes, I'm changing the name of the business...you can safely assume all names are changed in this blog). Aubree was there when I first got hired and there were two other girls who worked pretty steadily and then the other occasional girl who worked, got fired, and a new girl was hired.

I had been stripping for a couple years and was tired of the shoes, the smoky atmosphere and it was getting increasingly difficult to find someone to watch my daughter while I worked.

It was an odd transition. I was making the switch to illegal work and initially I worried about being busted with my picture on the front page of the paper, but it quickly became apparent that the house mom, Nancy, had it under control, essentially worked a deal with some of the police, I think. She never discussed but that was the word among the girls.

In some ways, Nancy was more of a mom to me than my own mother, encouraging me to be safe, not take shit from customers, and stay free from drugs. She also gave me a piece of advice: from day one of sex work, you should start saving for retirement because in this world, it comes a whole lot quicker than age 65.

Nancy didn’t share a lot about her life, but I’m guessing she started out as a stripper and like most girls, made the leap into illegal sex work. She had grown children and perhaps had a drinking problem because every time we went out as a group, she ordered a Coke.

One of Nancy’s rules of the parlor, or “spa” as she liked to call it, was that girls didn’t own the clients. The men belonged to the business and Nancy wouldn’t tolerate the girls being territorial. This didn’t stop Aubree who had been there the longest and seemed to feel like she was the house mom, that she made the unwritten rules. She also had no respect for Nancy, referring to her as a hag, as if she wouldn’t be 56 someday. And with all the partying and smoking Aubree did, it would be unlikely if she didn’t look worse than Nancy when she got to that age.

I'm actually glad Aubree has called. Honestly, I had wondered more than once what Aubree had done. She's no longer at the spa, she's been "touring."

For those who don’t know, “touring” is extremely common for sex workers, basically going from town to lucrative town and spending days, weeks or months on one spot. Strip clubs are used to girls that tour and given the flighty nature of strippers, don’t make them commit to a certain amount of nights. Touring also helps capitalize on men’s desire for variety in the sex world. If a new girl is in town and advertises on Backpage, she’ll usually get quite a response, much more clients in a day than if she lived there.

The down side of touring is that it’s lonely and you basically live out of a hotel. Your body also becomes a high-traffic zone. It’s lucrative though and for those who like to party, meeting guys and strippers to party short-term can be thrilling. For Aubree, who has a tendency to get in cat fights, short-term friendships probably are less work.

Touring obviously only works for girls who don’t have children or whose children have been taken away from them.

So Aubree tells me that she want to do four-hands with me. Just like it sounds, four-handed massage just two girls massaging the guy, and is quite popular with some men. It’s that thrill of being with two girls, cooing all over him.

Nancy offered four-hands at the parlor, but obviously working as an independent, it’s impossible for me to offer. In many cases, guys will tip heavily if there is any girl-on-girl action such as kissing, both gentle nibbles or deep French kissing if you were looking for a bigger tip. Even light girl-to-girl touching gets guys steamed up over the notion of a lesbian fantasy.

I always viewed four-hand rubs as a change of pace, and in general, yes the tips were better than a session done alone.

Doing any business with Aubree has the potential of stirring up old and new drama. That’s just how Aubree is, she’s always at odds with someone. However, as I’ve recently learned, I’m a consummate opportunist, so I’ll at least let Aubree give me the sales pitch.

“Why?” I ask, purposefully sounding disinterested. If she wanted me to do this, she was going to have to sell me on it. Though the truth is that it’s always best to keep offering whatever diversity a sex worker can, particularly since touring is not an option for me.

“I’ve had some customers ask me,” she said, dropping the fake cheery sound to her voice and getting a bit more business-like. “And they want a blonde. Just think, we could be the perfect combination: the Anglo-Saxon Goddess and the Exotic Princess.

Aubree has an olive-complexion and Kardashian curves and with her being in sex work, she’s had a few enhancements: boobs, veneers, eyelash extensions, French-manicured tips, whereas the extent of my beauty routine is a little lemon juice in my hair and lying out in the sun. Men love her, as long as they don’t try to be in a relationship with her, and if so, they are fleeing for the hills within a few months.

Admittedly, I’m interested. Even with me signing Jack on as my Sugar daddy. I just can’t afford to turn down income opportunities. I'll let you know how it goes. With all the details.