Thursday, January 24, 2013

Should I date my erotic masseuse?

If you're asking yourself this question or googling it, you are not alone. However, it's a terrible idea.

For one, can you ever forget what she used to be? Who could hold back from computing how many cocks she's had her hands around?

Secondly, it's impossible to know how she really feels. She's getting paid to touch you. I think some clients get this sense that because we're intimate, that we're intimate, forgetting that they just put a bunch of twenties on the table. Honesty is not the best policy in sex work. She might think you're cute; she might wonder why you're here; she might even look forward to seeing your name come up on her phone, but she probably doesn't wish to have a relationship, not a free one. It's difficult to separate the notion of getting bills paid when it comes to clients.

I have to tell myself these things, too. Because at times I so enjoy my time with Jack that I forget it's a paid relationship. I forget that he's married and goes homes to someone else and somehow it bothers me to think that he's having sex with her too. Ridiculous, right?

For right now, I'm just glad he invited me to one of his work functions. I'm not sure how he gets around the obvious fact that I'm not Mrs. Jack, but he's given me some money to buy a dress and Aubree has happily agreed to go with me.