Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aubree's Scheme

You may recall Aubree, my former stripper, former American Dolls co-worker that I did a four-hand massage with. We've actually been hanging out together, getting our nails done and walking her friend's dog together, and as is typical of Aubree, she's ready to move on. Just when I started to consider her a good friend, putting the past behind.

Aubree likes to take her sex work on the road. I didn't hear from her for the entire year she went to Guam. You might ask, "what's in Guam," well, there's a military presence, which is all you need in terms of demand. Most clubs will pay for a stripper's flight out there and then if they've worked long enough, pay for the flight back. The tricky part is getting them to pay for the return flight, so many strippers end up staying longer than they wanted, partying in Turmon and enjoying the nice weather.

So Aubree's new plan is to go to Miami, and a hook a guy to smuggle drugs from Peru back to Miami. It's a gig dreamed up by Al, who used to a regular at one of the strip clubs. Al looks exactly like what you're if he belongs on a used-car sales lot, one of the ones with neon triangle streamers.

Even Aubree knows Al is a big talker but she claims he'll pay her ticket to Miami, as well as Peru, and therefore it's no risk for her. The guy she gets to fall in love with her and take the trip to Peru will do the smuggling. I'm a worrier though so I see risk where she doesn't. The bottom line is she's leaving in a few weeks and I'll miss her. She is one of the only friends I have that knows what I do. Eventually she'll get tired of Miami and come back.