Thursday, March 21, 2013

Should You Send Naked Photos?

People send naked pics to each other all the time, right? I recall doing that once to cheer up an out-of-state paramour. There's a time and place for digital nudity, but is it a good idea to send a picture of your impressive pecs and Johnson to your erotic masseuse? In the hopes that she might return your call more quickly than to a photo-less phone number?

Well, that's apparently what Trevor, one of my clients, was thinking when he hired a friend to take nudes for him and subsequently sent them to women advertising on backpage (BP). He's a retired forest fire fighter, perhaps in his early sixties and keeps himself in impeccable shape. Seriously, there isn't an ounce of fat or pinch of flabby flesh on the guy.

He sees me regularly but also goes to see other girls. I don't care; I realize it's all about the variety and at our last visit, he was bemoaning the fact that most body rub girls don't return calls.

"I don't know if they get flooded with calls or what. But I hardly ever get a call back," he says to me as I was massaging his back.

"Probably they get a lot of calls," I say.

"I even send them a picture of myself," he says. "I have this friend who takes erotic photos."

Um, you did what?

I'm glad my client couldn't see my shocked expression. I agree he has a good body, but still, why would he think it's a good idea to send a naked photo of himself?

In my opinion, an unsolicited dick shot comes off as mildly aggressive to most women. Even those who look at cocks for a living...or maybe even more so.

And why shouldn't you send these pics? In addition to the fact that it's creepy? (ok, Trevor looks good, but still, he's probably old enough to be the girl's dad --at least).

When I pick my clients, or decide which calls to return, I'm hoping for the following:

1) a guy who will pay me
2) a guy who is not a cop
3) a guy who will not fondle me for the entire hour or consistently try to get more via begging or whatever.
4) a guy who will not try to stick his fingers in my pussy or ask me if I want to go out for dinner.

See how having a good body is not any of those above? Sure, it doesn't hurt but as a body rub girl, it doesn't matter that much. I just want to get paid for doing what I do, no more or less. I don't need to be turned on by a client. And by sending a nude it seems like he might expect something more or lack discretion.

I didn't have the heart ot tell Trevor that what he did was likely a bad move. The photos were already sent. Besides, that'll just mean he'll come to me more.