Friday, March 15, 2013

The "extras" of Erotic Massage

It's best to understand what is standard in an erotic massage and what's an extra. Of course, it varies from masseuse to masseuse, but I thought I'd share what I consider standard and what's an extra.


1. Topless with touch of the breast allowed.

2. Release (i.e. hand job)

For me, I also allow any foot action that a client likes such as sucking toes, using my feet to give them a release, walking on them, etc. If a client is nice, I'll also sit on his chest while I give him a release.


1. sucking nipples

2. golden shower

3. prostate massage or any ass play

4. fully nude and specifically fully nude body slide

5. kissing

6. playing with the pussy or ANY penetration (most body rub only girls don't go for this)

I will acknowledge Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) usually exists for most girls, where mileage goes farther if the client is a known tipper, very good-looking, a faithful regular or some other connection exists where I feel the need to go to lengths to satisfy him.

It's best not to discuss extras over the phone of course. But it is important to understand that you can't get a girl to pee on you if you aren't willing to pay more (generally).