Thursday, April 4, 2013

Backpage Scams

I learn a lot from my clients. Such as what it's like to go to other providers (escorts, body rubbers) in my town.

I have one client in particular, who comes to see me frequently, but like most, samples others.

Scams abound online, that's nothing new, but when it comes to providers it's usually either a bait-and-switch (shit--that's not the girl in the picture!!) or in some cases theft.

I hadn't seen Charles in a couple weeks, so I assumed he was sampling. When he came back to me, he had stories.

One ad showed gorgeous photos and when he showed up to her incall, she was "50-70" pounds heavier than the pics. In addition, the girl in the photos wasn't even 70 pounds ago. He told her he'd "pass."

Be wary of "two for one" sales (as in two girls). I've heard of guys getting girl takes the guy into the bedroom to distract him and the other steals his stuff.

A new one that Charles recently shared was an ad that promoted a $150/hr incall. Now that's a good price for sex, but, oh, um, you have to pay for a cam show first.

Best way to avoid scams? Check reviews! Don't go shopping when you're hungry.