Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newbie Mistakes

If you're nervous about going to a rub for the first time, it's best to do a little research beforehand, such as reading CJ's blog or your local review board, google a few things for heaven's sakes, but please, oh please, don't ask your provider to explain how things work. Or worse, make assumptions.

John called to book an appointment. He sounded nice and normal.

"Do you have any specials?"

"Nope," I say. I rarely runs specials anymore.

"Ok. Would you take $120?"

I charge $140 per hour and I almost never get negotiators.

"No, sorry, I won't, but I'm sure there are other girls who would. Good luck."

"Um, no, that's okay, we'll just do the $140."

I hesitated and from now on I might pass on any negotiators. One reason is that "negotiating" is one way girls like me get arrested. It makes it clear to the cop that you are doing this or that for money. And then there is the fact that it comes across as cheap.

Against, my better judgment, I booked with him within the hour. I told myself that he'd have to pay upfront because I didn't want him to finish and say, "oops, I only have..."

And if he didn't want to pay upfront, I was okay with skipping the appointment.

When I greet him, he's practically sweating buckets, hands shaking. I feel sorry for him. As soon as he gets in the room, he turns and asks "how does this work?"

He's still fully dressed. (Could be wearing a wire).

"Did you read my reviews?"

He shook his head. "I'm new at this."

I paused, told him I wouldn't go into details before he undressed.

(Keep in mind I advertise under BODY RUBS, not escorts, and my ad actually says in bold, NOT AN ESCORT)

"So, do I provide the condom or do you take care of that?"

I immediately opened my studio door and waved him towards it. "You have the wrong idea."

"But, but, " he stutters. "I just thought with the sexy photos..."

"Okay, goodbye," I say as I close the door.

He was either a cop or horrendously misinformed about what $140 will buy him in this town.