Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where's Waldo's Pecker?

When my client flipped over yesterday (on the massage table), he had a doorbell where his penis should have been. Seriously, there was nothing and I panicked. How was I supposed to stroke something that had the length of a thimble?

I NEVER comment on a guy's privates in a session and I certainly wasn't going to ask him what was up with his. And I'm glad he had his eyes closed when I first looked at it. This wasn't an issue of small, it was hidden, not even the entire head was showing.

He said nothing, I said nothing and I continued to do what I do, massaging his front, body sliding his doorbell, waiting for an idea. Eventually, once he became erect, he popped out. It wasn't big, but it was stroke-worthy.

Apparently, he had an inverted penis. This is my conclusion from googling "doorbell and penis." The Internet truly is amazing, isn't it?