Sunday, May 5, 2013

Newbie Tips

Spring often brings new customers, specifically newbies, the kind that are doing this for the very first time. And there are some things a guy should know before he books an appointment.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that you shouldn't go over specifics on the phone or even when you show up if you haven't undressed yet (you could be wearing a wire). Don't negotiate; don't show up with less money than the full fee or condoms in your pocket. So, that's a given and I won't go into the reasons why here.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that most body rub girls DON't offer full service and even if you think you're hot, she might not want to have sex for money. Or she might. A polite way to find out would be to ask, "Do you offer other services?"

Let it go if she says "no." The ones who seem to push it are newbies, thinking that anything is an option. Often times these guys don't want to book with an escort because of the higher costs, but think they can get sex at body rub prices plus a tip.

I've mentioned the pros of manscaping, particularly the genitals, so I won't go much further.
But here's the most important thing.....a little gross, but hey, you aren't squeamish right? I can't tell you how many times a guy has been face down on the massage table and I see toilet paper crumbles in his ass. Yep, dingleberries, it's an epidemic. And where there's dingleberries, there's bacteria, and where there's bacteria, there's a bad smell. Basically, if I see this, I wouldn't do the body slide on their back. In some cases, I have been so grossed out that I won't book the guy again. It might sound harsh, but there are one of two easy ways to prevent this:

1. Get rid of all the ass hairs. Really, it's not hygienic is you are a hairy guy are you do nothing to get rid of it in the ass crack. Trust me, toilet paper does not cut it.

2. Go shower before your appointment if you had to do number two after your morning shower. Ask if you can use her shower if you're at work. I have a shower and encourage clients to use it if they feel the need.

The last time I had this happen, when the guy flipped over he said, "You must get soooo turned on doing this."

I smiled and said, "yes."