Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Massage Parlor Entrance

Aubree is back in town. Things didn't go so well with her intercontinental plans, luckily she didn't end up in one of those South American jails. Brokedown Palace was real bummer of a movie.

In any case, she's back, popping into my life just as things are in an upheaval. Hence, the move to open our own massage parlor. We figure we know the business, probably better than most people who open a sensual massage parlor. We like to call it a spa, sounds classier, less Asian.

The first thing was to find a place and there was a lot to consider. Money, of course. But other key factors were a central bathroom with shower (the shower thing is sooo rare, more common in places that were once houses and converted to a commercial property), non-carpet flooring (ok, well there is the obvious reason but the other one is that massage oils and lotion on customer's feet act as a dirt magnet for the carpet. Even a carpet shampoo won't get out the stains. Trust me, I've tried.), and then there is the most important thing: a shared entrance with another business.

I believe being busted is a relatively small risk, but there are a few ways to minimize it. One obvious way is not to have stupid conversations while the client is fully dressed. Another way is to have a common entrance so that it's unclear who is going where. Or maybe that's just more for the comfort of the patrons. In any case, we decided to make that our priority.