Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding The Perfect Body Rub Girl

There are people you click with and others that drive you crazy. Some people might need someone crazy to click with. In any case, I think having the best body rub experience involves finding a girl that's the right fit for this particular situation. It might be a job to her, but still, I can say that any girl that does this for a living knows that there are some clients that they look forward to seeing and others that make them feel like an hour is an eternity. It depends where I am on my weekly earnings on whether I will take those clients. If I could have potential clients take a quiz, it might look like the following (obviously, never in a trillion years would I do such a thing):

  1. Would you prefer an escort or erotic masseuse? Many people book with a body rub girl instead of an escort (it's cheaper, quicker) but what they really want is sex or a blow job or to insert their fingers in a girl's privates. I would consider the later more escort stuff, obviously though there is some crossover. Pushing boundaries or trying to persuade her to do more is not going to make for a great session for either one of you. And contrary to what some might think, not every guy wants to have sex with his sex worker. Many guys feel like sex is a line they don't want to cross or have rationalized that a release is not really cheating or fear STDs and cooties. So if sex or finger penetration is what you want, book with an escort.
  2. No talk, dirty talk, or small talk? The important distinction here is whether you are looking for a sexual titillating conversation or not. Dirty talk seems really critical to some guys in terms of getting off, but it's weird and awkward when the feeling isn't mutual (or she's not feeling the need to be an actress).
  3. Preferable Venue? Studio versus apartment. Waiting room versus back door entrance. Shower versus mop-up yourself. I only work out of a studio, but many clients want the bedroom experience and pester me to come to their homes or come to mine. It's best to pick someone that working where you want them to be, rather than to convince them to change their venue.
  4. In your league or out? This is what I have heard from clients...for some, if the girl is too pretty, too hot, or too whatever, the guy gets intimidated, insecure and it's mission unaccomplished. (Which only makes him feel more insecure.) For these guys, sometimes the Asian Massage Parlors are better. From what I've heard, there is no such thing as a girl being out of a guy's league at those places. Being trafficked doesn't make for a desirable league.