Monday, September 9, 2013

Five things To Do Before Your Body Rub

To Do:

1. Clip your toenails

2. Trim or shave your crotch

3. Take a shower

4. Bring the cellphone you used to make the appointment so that you can call if you are lost, delayed

5. Nair your butt crack hair

Five Things NOT to do before a body rub:

1. Bring a condom so that it falls out of your pocket when you take your clothes off.

2. Apply copious amounts of cologne.

3. Allow a couple days for your shaved back hair to grow in so that it's a stiff stubble.

4. Give a fake name, then forget your fake name.

5. Tell her you only have x-10 (where x is the advertised rub price) and say "Will that work?"