Saturday, October 5, 2013

Now Hiring Brandi

Aubree showed her around. Each girl gets a small locker, just like at a strip club and we have a small kitchen area with a dorm fridge and microwave. It might be wishful thinking that we'll be busy enough to have girls stay a full day, but Aubree and I have been reading about how you should plan for the future and pretend like it's happening now or something like that. Future planning isn't something that Aubree and I have done to much of. Apparently most people learn that sort of thing growing up, like from a normal family.

We explained to Brandi the split and basically how things worked, which is fairly similar to how things worked at the old place. Except that we are NOT a brothel. It's not "whatever goes," after the door is closed.

"So you mean I can't fuck them?" Brandi asked, looking mildly slack-jawed. After a couple cups of coffee and some makeup, dim lights, Brandi is considered pretty hot. I swear.

"No," Aubree and I said in unison. All the girls at the old place assumed Brandi was fairly amenable to any sexual favor as long as she was properly compensated. And of all the girls, she was the one least likely to complain about the perversity or stench of customers. It was like her body ceased to register any feeling.


"You can't allow any penetration at all," Aubree added.

Finally Brandi looked quasi-alert. "Any? What if they offer a lot of money? I mean, you're getting a cut so what's the big deal?"

We explained to Brandi that we didn't want to be that kind of place. It would be hell for the other girls who were only comfortable with releases because it builds an expectation and it makes the place more of a target to get busted. We told Brandi she had to stick with titty-fucking at most. She looked slightly disappointed, which makes Brandi even more "special" than Aubree and myself.